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Todos nosotros en la Alianza Internacional de la Energía se complace en anunciar nuestro nuevo Faro de negocio area of this website (located on the black navigation bar). As energy-friendly technology becomes more refined and cost-effective, many companies have decided it is now time to invest in and implement cost and energy saving technologies.

Faro de negocio focuses on businesses and business owners and their motivation for making energy friendly changes in their workplace, the kinds of changes they made and technology they used, the problems and challenges they faced, the money they saved, and the amount of time until their full investment is returned. These models serve as a wealth of valuable information and source of inspiration for other companies to do the same. Please échale un vistazo.

If your company has become more energy efficient, or is planning to do so, we want to hear from you. To have your business featured in our Faro de negocio, Contacte con nosotros aquí. The IEA will gladly acknowledge and feature your efforts. We have a team of editors who are happy to help business owners write their stories.

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Estoy en el grado 11th en Aliso Niguel High School y estoy emocionado de estar trabajando como parte de la Alianza Internacional de la Energía con el fin de ayudar a la comunidad.

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