JSerra y St. Margaret Ferias Eco

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Ross Chun, director general de Eco-Stride (right), meets with energy club presidents Jiarui Zhou from JSerra (center) and Caroline Walters from St. Margaret’s (left) at initial brainstorm meeting for possible eco-fairs at their schools. Mr. Chun has a generous history of working pro bono with schools on such projects in order to give back to the community and raise environmental awareness. Eco-Stride is headquartered in Orange County, California. Both JSerr and St. Margaret’s, also located in Orange County, are very excited about this prospect.

Both Jiarui and Caroline first met Mr. Chun at an Aliso Viejo city council meeting during which the council voted to proceed with the city’s Green Initiative. Andrew Hunter, energy club president of Aliso Niguel High School spoke to city council on behalf of ANHS and IEA. Caroline, Jiarui and other IEA members attended the meeting to show support for the initiative.

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  1. Refugio Yang dice:

    No puedo esperar para esta feria ecológica maravillosa que suceda en nuestra escuela! todos estamos haciendo nuestro mejor esfuerzo para hacer que las cosas sucedan

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